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Destination City questions

The note below was developed in October 2023 during the first phase of Destination City. I'll revise in the light of the Destination City review that's now been published, and the emerging direction of the second phase of the programme.

Update 1: the meeting of about 100 residents generated a lot of lively discussion, and the Destination City team have promised a report-back. I'll update further then. Meanwhile I've suggested we need a Guide to what’s happening and what’s planned, with councillors taking a lead in its development. Blog post: Why we need a Guide to Culture Mile and Destination City and more about A Guide for Culture Mile - and Destination City David Wilcox

Update 2: as you can see from blog posts which are referenced here an independent review into Destination City is under way, and due to report in February. I'll revise answers after decisions have been made. Indications so far are that the Corporation will not fund Bartholomew Fair or other big events in future. The interim review report says:

A focus on visitor numbers and spend needs to be balanced with attention to social inclusion and equity – Destination City must embrace the City’s long-standing and impressive commitment to serving the public good.
Destination City is therefore not only about place marketing (although this is essential and needs more attention) but the future development of a liveable, lively and connected City in a uniquely historic, cultural and characterful setting. Future decisions on allocation of the Destination City programme budget should flow from this collaborative approach.
Professional leadership of Destination City requires Board level orchestration of the City’s exceptionally impressive capabilities and cultural assets working closely with business partners. In the development of a new cultural strategy, consideration needs to be given to spatial, temporal and community approaches that enable well planned, coordinated and sustained programmes of activity.

The basics

Is there an official source of information about Destination City?
There is an extensive website for visitors, and a summary of the programme in this news release but no detailed information about the programme in one place. Barbican Library has plans for a community information hub, with information about Destination City. Perhaps that could be piloted now?

Why is Destination City being developed?
Mainly to attract more visitors and increase consumer spending in the leisure and cultural industries that have been hit by working from home. See presentation embedded here and news release. However, there are potentially other benefits for workers and residents. See below.

What is Destination City? Is it more than a series of events?
See news release which references improvements to streets, overall marketing, cultural investment.

Will there be a Bartholomew Fair in 2024?
No announcement so far.

When are the key Destination City events?
There are some indications in the presentation, and upcoming events on the visitor site.

How - in detail
How will Destination City achieve its aims.
How successful was Bartholomew Fair 2023?
How will Destination City promote the City's unique culture and heritage?
How will wayfinding be developed?
How does Destination City relate to other City plans?
Difficult to reference answers from existing resources, but there is likely to be more information at the November 7 event, and at the next meeting of the Culture, Heritage and Libraries committee. Committee meetings are open to the public and also live-streamed on the Corporation's YouTube channel.

Where will Destination City make a difference on the ground?
A Visualising Destination City report from the City Property Association sketches out public realm improvements, pedestrian priority routes and other improvements. In a foreword City Policy Chief Chris Hayward says: “Destination City is nothing without an outstanding built environment. We need to be a place that welcomes and wows a diverse range of audiences”. A workshop about the City plan explored these issues, but results are not yet available.

If there is a Bartholomew Fair in 2024, where will it be staged?
No information yet. Here's the Bartholomew and Cloth Fair locations 2023 with suggestions on how people may find their way and explore the City next time.

Who is Destination City for?
Mainly visitors and workers, but City policy chief Chris Hayward has said he wants residents to have ownership of the programme as well. See also resident engagement page

Who are the main stakeholders in developing Destination City?
The presentation shows the key stakeholders.

Who is in charge of Destination City?
A Policy and Resources committee report in November 2022 says: “The Policy and Resources Committee (P&R) will have strategic overview of the Destination Strategy, with the Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee (CHL) positioned as a key committee in the implementation of recommendations”. There was substantial discussion about what that mean in practice at CHL committee in May 2023.

Questions that may arise from residents

What impact is DC likely to have on residents?
Is the aim to make the City more like the West End?
What benefits does DC offer residents?
What are the terms of reference for the City Envoy?
How will the City Envoy be able to represent the collective views of residents?
How will residents find out more about Destination City?
How can residents contribute?

Here's what I know so far about resident engagement plans. .

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