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Destination City

Destination City is the City of London Corporation's flagship programme aimed at attracting visitors and their spending in order to bolster an economy hit by working from home. Latest: Corporation dropping funding for Bartholomew Fair and rethinking Destination City

Previously Policy chief Chris Hayward has said:

“if you feel we’re not consulting widely enough on Destination City, or the more engagement residents could have, we want to know how precisely we do it … we want Destination City to be owned by the residents as much as by anybody else.”

What might that mean? I've brought together here blog posts that I've written over the past year, other articles and official reports, together with some questions for the first public meeting about Destination City on November 7 2023. Discussion at that event prompted this post on Why we need a Guide to Culture Mile and Destination City.

I've previously suggested in this blog post that a first step for resident engagement should include an online information hub. At the moment there is no one place to find out about the programme. I hope these pages help, and that further methods will be developed following discussion with residents after the November 7 event, and with the Resident Representative on the City Envoy Network. More here about engagement

See also:

Guide proposals

A Guide for Culture Mile - and Destination City
Plans to engage residents in Destination City highlight the need for accessible information about the Corporation’s flagship programme, and a main area for cultural development. I suggest we need a Guide to what’s happening and what’s planned, with councillors taking a lead in its development. Blog post: Why we need a Guide to Culture Mile and Destination City

Below is a presentation about Destination City, given to the City's Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee in July 2023. Click/touch into the presentation to scroll through.

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