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Blog posts on the community information hub

The Barbican Centre Communities and Neighbourhoods team commissioned me to develop ideas for a community information hub in 2022 on the ground floor of the Centre. Plans were dropped when members of the team left, but then picked up by Barbican Library. Read from the bottom for the story. David Wilcox

Piloting a community information hub
The proposed informatiom hub is part of a major development - but why not pilot the hub with information about Destination City and developments in the local area. September 2023.

Barbican Library plans innovative community information hub
New plans for a community hub in the Barbican Library include ways for residents to share information more effectively, engage with the Corporation’s Destination City programme, and try out enhanced digital technologies. The hub is part of a general Refresh for the library.September 2023.

Plans for a Barbican Library community room approved
The new community room in Barbican Library is going ahead at a cost of £449,550. July 2023.

Twitter Likes spark thoughts on the Echo, libraries and community information
How the EC1Echo and other publications could help share community information held at the library. October 2022.

Barbican Library invites comments on plans for a new community room
Barbican Library is running two information sessions to explain in more detail plans for a new community room. Ocdtober 2022.

Community hub delayed – but community room in prospect
The community hub originally planned near the terrace entrance to the Barbican Arts Centre has been delayed – but there’s promise of a community room in the Barbican Library. September 2022.

A community hub at the Barbican Kitchen door could catalyse neighbourhood connections
Just inside the Barbican Centre’s terrace entrance, on the way to the Barbican Kitchen restaurant, there’s a modest display area. The Centre’s Communities and Neighbourhoods team have announced it will be available for community use. Here’s some ideas on making it a physical and virtual information and connections hub. July 15 2022.

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