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Resident engagement with Destination City

The first phase of Destination City encouraged residents to engage with Destination City in this note circulated at the June 2023 City Question Time, reporting back on a question at the previous January event.

Chris Hayward, the City of London policy chief - and in effect the Corporation's leader - followed up at the event to say

It is fundamental to have resident engagement in Destination City – “if you feel we’re not consulting widely enough on Destination City, or the more engagement residents could have, we want to know how precisely we do it … we want Destination City to be owned by the residents as much as by anybody else.”

Councillor Brendan Barns was subsequently appointed as residents' representative on the City Envoy Network. He has been organising monthly Citizens Forums, which I've reported on here. There is also a promised Residential Reset programme of engagement.

The City Envoy

A report to the Culture, Heritage and Libraries committee in January 2023 included proposals for a Member to join the City Envoy Network “to represent the collective views of residents on the Destination City agenda. The purpose of the appointment is to advise on the strategic priorities and delivery programme of Destination City and its impact on the City’s resident community”.

The commitments are:

• To act as a positive ambassador and advocate of the Destination City agenda amongst residents.
• To attend and input at quarterly City Envoy meetings. To implement required follow up actions.
• To action bespoke requests pertinent to the purpose of the City Envoy Network.
• To provide informed counsel on how the Destination City programme can benefit City residents and drive advocacy among this stakeholder set.
• To advise on the best ways to engage with residents on the Destination City delivery programme.

The note - image above - circulated to a City Question Time in June 2023 confirmed the commitment of the Envoy to “represent the collective views of residents”.

Brendan Barns was subsequently appointed, and first presented ideas for resident engagement to the public meeting on November 7. Although the initial idea was for a residents' panel, Brendan has now developed a programme of Citizens Forums. More here.

Contact with any other queries or ideas for Destination City.

Residential Reset

In February 2022 the Policy and Resources Committee approved plans for a wider Residential Reset programme. A Resident Campaigns and Communications Manager on a one-year contract 2023/24 would:

  • Develop and run a communications campaign to better engage the resident community with the City of London Corporation, focusing in particular on the collection of email addresses and creating effective content, online and offline, for residential audiences.
  • Deliver eight annual City-wide resident meetings
  • Coordinate a consultations calendar
  • Feed concerns from estates to officers and the political leadership
  • Help improve engagement with residents outside managed estates – including support with the creation of residents associations and other community activities, and identify and collate contacts in existing residents groups and ensure they are supported effectively.
  • Liaise with City Corporation teams on the resident offer, and support elected members

So far the page about Resident Involvement focusses mainly on activities on the Corporation's estates.

David Wilcox

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