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I'm developing content here to support the Connections blog, which is mainly about developments in the City of London, where I live, and neighbouring Clerkenwell. I've posted a review of 2023, and plans for 2024, on the blog and copied that to an update page here. Highlights below.

Highlights of 2023

I also reported on the further opportunities in Clerkenwell and the City - and in North Kensington.

North Kensington

One particular pleasure, and exciting opportunity, arose at the end of 2023 when I met up with friends and acquaintances from North Kensington who are revisiting the radical projects and campaigns that they developed in the 1960s and 1970s. As I’ve written here, I lived in the area in the 1970s when I was working for the Evening Standard, and covered some of the action. From 1977 to 1981 I was chair of the North Kensington Amenity Trust which later became the Westway Trust.
I’m now discussing with the group how we might use some of the tools and systems I’ve been developing in EC1 to tell the story of social innovation in North Kensington. It will be in part the Voices of the Troublemakers, as the group tell their stories, and partly a project to locate the action on one or more maps with QR codes to link on-the-ground and online information creating a participatory Museum of the Streets.

Main content

Destination City

I've gathered together blog posts and reports about the City of London's flagship programme to attract visitors to the Square Mile:

Guide proposals

A Guide for Culture Mile - and Destination City
Plans to engage residents in Destination City highlight the need for accessible information about the Corporation’s flagship programme, and a main area for cultural development. I suggest we need a Guide to what’s happening and what’s planned, with councillors taking a lead in its development.

Below is a presentation about Destination City, given to the City's Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee in July 2023. Click/touch into the presentation to scroll through.

More on the Resources page and others with blog posts, questions, and information about getting involved.

Culture Mile

Culture Mile is the cultural district in the north west of the City of London. It includes the Barbican Arts Centre, and is also the main resident area in the Square Mile, with the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates. The Museum of London is currently developing a new home in West Smithfield.

Community information hub

The Barbican Centre Communities and Neighbourhoods team commissioned me to develop ideas for a community information hub in 2022 on the ground floor of the Centre. Plans were dropped when members of the team left, but then picked up by Barbican Library.


Articles, blog posts about Clerkenwell and its radical history. Index here

Bartholomew Fair

How Bartholomew Fair was re-staged in 2023 across the Square Mile, and in its historic location of Smithfield. Index here

David Wilcox
More about me.

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