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Blog posts about Culture Mile

David Wilcox

Another question about Destination City – and BIDs
Asking at a City Question Time how residents can find out more about Destination City – and in particular what Business Improvement Districts are doing. I’m suggesting that we need a guide, forum and information hub. December 14 2023.

New study to design streets and spaces in Culture Mile raises issues of resident engagement
The Culture Mile Business Improvement District is carrying out a new Public Realm Study for the north west of the City of London including Barbican, Golden Lane Estate and Smithfield. I think it raises some issues of accountability and engagement

Why we need a Guide to Culture Mile and Destination City
Plans to engage residents in Destination City highlight the need for accessible information about the Corporation’s flagship programme, and a main area for cultural development. I suggest we need a Guide to what’s happening and what’s planned, with councillors taking a lead in its development. November 2023.

Destination City: good for visitors … what about residents too?
Discussion at Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee,including Culture Mile branding on street furniture, and the new Business Improvement District. I wrote: “I think that the Culture Mile BID is the ideal test bed for exploring what Destination City could mean for residents, businesses, and visitors. July 2023.

£60,000 community fund launched for groups in City’s Culture Mile
Grants of up to £5000 are available to community groups, charities and social enterprises in the north west of the City of London. The Culture Mile Business Improvement District has launched the Community Fund through ActionFunder, with a commitment of £60,000. July 2023

Business Improvement District approved for City’s main residential district: here’s some issues
As expected, businesses in the north west of the City of London have voted to establish a Business Improvement District, and will pay a levy that is expected to generate £9 million over the next five years. February 2023.

City Corporation stands down its Culture Mile team and offers public realm designs to business
The City Corporation is ending funding for its Culture Mile project in the north west of the Square Mile, and offering some branding to a proposed Business Improvement District. January 2023

Can Destination City also help create a Liveable City?
The City's programme is good news for tourists and businesses – but how can residents ensure that these plans also offer them a Liveable City without too much unwelcome disturbance? December 2022

Culture Mile changes as Destination City sets out plans
For the past five years Culture Mile has been a programme of activities and projects in the north west of the City, a way of branding the area, and a team coordinating development. Some of that is changing, but quite how much won’t be clear for a few months. November 2022.

'Seats at the table’ for equity coming to West Smithfield
Winners have been announced for the competition to deliver “temporary public realm interventions in Smithfield and East London that collectively develop a deeper understanding of the public’s experience of streets and public spaces”. November 2022.

Community forum in the City’s Culture Mile set for approval
Proposals for a new community forum in the north west of the City of London – including Barbican and Golden Lane Estate estates – are confirmed in recommendations to the City’s Policy and Resource Committee on October 20. October 2022.

Culture Mile offers free financial wellbeing, yoga and inspiration events
The City of London’s Culture Mile programme, in its north west district, is keen to show benefits for locals. Here’s news of three events for anyone in the local community. October 2022

New visitor guide and films for Culture Mile demonstrate BID promotion plans
Visitors to the City’s north west cultural district now have a guide to venues, heritage sites, entertainment and shopping on the Culture Mile website. October 2022.

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