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Destination City resources

Below are news releases, reports and articles about Destination City. Other links:

The clearest official explanation of the first phase of Destination City was offered in a set of slides prepared for the Culture, Heritage and Libraries committee in July 2023

Destination City articles, reports and presentations

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News releases tagged Destination City

Policy Chairman sets out ambitious ‘Destination City’ vision for the Square Mile
News release May 2022

West End boss to make the City of London a new leisure destination
Luciana Magliocco recruited as director for Destination City June 2022

Destination City can 'bring light to the Square Mile', says City policy chief
City Matters August 2022

Square Mile to transform for open air street festival
Evening Stndard August 2022

Making the City a fun destination for everyone
Evening Standard September 2022

John Griffiths: City Corporation's 'destination' initiative carries a degree of risk
On London article by Councillor John Griffiths October 2022

City Policy Chairman hails Destination City’s flagship “The Golden Key” event
Speech to Court of Common Council October 2022

City Policy Chairman: Destination City is transformative moment
News release October 2022

New City destination brand and website launched to boost Square Mile leisure economy
News release June 2023

Destination City overview slides July 2023

Bartholomew Fair revival continues Destination City campaign
On London article by Councillor John Griffiths August 2023

Destination City
Corporation news release August 2023

Visualising Destination City
Report by City Property Association covering public realm, transport, culture, business. Blog post here.

Report of resident engagement workshop for City Plan 2040
Blog post includes presentation about Destination City and City Plan 2040, with key findings from the workshop and link to Consultation Statement with full report.

Committee reports

Destination City Strategic Review September 2021

Policy and Resource Committee initiated a review to be carried out Danny Lopez, founding head of London & Partners and former Consul General in New York. Danny was to work on a pro bono basis.

There does not appear to be any publicly accessible report of the review.

Implementation plan November 2022

Destination City Implementation Plan
Appendix 1 - Proposals for the implementation of Destination City

Key passage
Underpinned by sustainability, inclusivity and innovation, Destination City’s activation programme will be based around the brand pillars developed as part of the brand review. We will seek to create district identities around our brand pillars which will inform programming and partnership delivery across the Square Mile. These will be subject to refinement during the brand review process but seek to encompass with the below themes:
* History and heritage. A City dripping in treasures and stories of the past, present and future. A City founded on a spirit of enterprise and innovation, open to discovery and excited to share its story with the world.
* Culture and creativity. A City as comfortable with the roof top concert, as the conservatoire; the pop-up, pop-art as the gallery. A City that continues to inspire invention, making and design – and the talent who want to excel.
* Shopping and socialising. A City of fun, colour and lightness. With vibrant clusters and a destination retail-hospitality offer that entices people to stay.
* Wellness. A City where everyone is welcomed and included. A City of community and connections, education and enrichment, relaxation and renewal.

Report on the Golden Key event and City Envoy January 2023

Includes proposals to appoint of a Member to join the City Envoy Network “to represent the collective views of residents on the Destination City agenda. The purpose of the appointment is to advise on the strategic priorities and delivery programme of Destination City and its impact on the City’s resident community”. Commitments:
• To act as a positive ambassador and advocate of the Destination City agenda amongst residents.
• To attend and input at quarterly City Envoy meetings. To implement required follow up actions.
• To action bespoke requests pertinent to the purpose of the City Envoy Network.
• To provide informed counsel on how the Destination City programme can benefit City residents and drive advocacy among this stakeholder set.
• To advise on the best ways to engage with residents on the Destination City delivery programme.

Golden Key report

Destination brand identity and website May 2023

Overview report and presentation July 2023

Bartholomew Fair evaluation, Destination City Review, Cultural Planning Framework November 2023

Bartholomew Fair

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