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Blog posts about Destination City

Below are the main posts about Destination City on the Connections blog

David Wilcox

What is Destination City now – and who is it for?
The Destination City Citizens Forum on May 20 may provide an opportunity to find out what the next phase of the programme will involve, and who will benefit. May 16 2024

Official summary of Destination City review published
Next week City of London Corporation committees will discuss a final report from Paul Martin’s review of the Destination City programme, and public papers now available include a summary. April 4 2024

Last minute ideas for the Destination City review
A review of Destination City, due out shortly, is likely to recommend that the future programme drops costly events like the “spectacular” 2023 version of Bartholomew Fair. Instead it should focus on promoting the Square Mile’s unique culture and heritage, improving the public realm of streets and spaces, and building stronger partnerships with key organisations and residents. Here’s the background, more on the review, and some last minute ideas before the report is discussed by City Corporation committees. February 29 2024

Citizens Forum gets first-hand report of Destination City review
At the second Citizens Forum Paul Martin provided a briefing about the review of Destination City that he is carrying out. February 20 2024

What residents want from Destination City – and what they can offer
Councillor Brendan Barns reported on an informal survey from the first Citizens Forum event with insights about favourite places, information sources and suggestions for improvements. January 23 2024

Why the Square Mile needs Citizens Forums 2.0 – and more
Report from the first Citizens Forum meeting: Last night’s Citizens Forum about Destination City attracted some 60 residents from the Square Mile, but unfortunately confirmed my fear that it would be therapy with free drinks rather than genuine engagement. More is promised next time. January 16 2024

Residents get a chance to shape Destination City 2.0 – maybe
Councillor Brendan Barns is running a series of informal Citizens Forum events. January 12 2024.

Another question about Destination City – and BIDs
Asking at a City Question Time how residents can find out more about Destination City – and in particular what Business Improvement Districts are doing. I’m suggesting that we need a guide, forum and information hub. December 14 2023.

City planners report on residents’ priorities for Destination City
Back in the summer residents were invited to a workshop to contribute ideas on how to draft the City Plan 2040 in support of the Corporation’s Destination City programme to attract more visitors. The results are now published as part of an overall Consultation Statement, and align with a new direction for the programme. November 30 2023.

A reset for Destination City as Liveable City may be on the way
On Monday this week the City Corporation publicly signalled a reset in the direction of its flagship Destination City programme, with more emphasis on promoting existing cultural and heritage attractions, rather than big events with bought-in acts. Residents will be offered more say. November 22 2023

Corporation dropping funding for Bartholomew Fair and rethinking Destination City
Following the meeting yesterday of the City Corporation’s Policy and Resources committee it is pretty clear that its flagship Destination City programme to attract visitors is going to change. No longer, it seems, will the Corporation back and organise big events like Golden Key and Bartholomew Fair. A review of Destination City is underway, and the focus may shift to promoting existing culture and heritage attractions. November 2023.

Bartholomew Fair evaluation published … no more Corporation funding?
The City Corporation has published an evaluation report on Bartholomew Fair – held over three weeks in September – detailing visitor numbers, their spending, preferences, and the partnerships formed to put on 250 events in 17 locations across the Square Mile. November 2023.

Why we need a Guide to Culture Mile and Destination City
Plans to engage residents in Destination City highlight the need for accessible information about the Corporation’s flagship programme, and a main area for cultural development. I suggest we need a Guide to what’s happening and what’s planned, with councillors taking a lead in its development. November 2023.

More office towers will help Destination City, says planning chief
A City Corporation news release accompanying images of the Square Mile skyline in 2030 says more office development is needed to meet demand, and that in addition office towers will support its Destination City programme aimed at attracting visitors. November 2023.

Finding our way around the Square Mile
Bartholomew Fair highlighted the challenge of helping people find their way around the City. Here's some ideas. October 2023.

Can City residents and property developers find common ground in Destination City?
A report from the City Property Association highlights street-level improvements that could benefit residents, workers and visitors. October 2023.

Clash of dates highlights the engagement opportunity for Destination City
A clash of Destination City events highlights the need for better communication and information. October 2023

Invitation to first public meeting about Destination City
The Destination City team will hold their first public meeting on November 7 2023, with the promise of panel for residents. October 2023

Piloting a community information hub
The Barbican Library is planning a community information hub. Why not start online now? September 2023

Barbican Library plans innovative community information hub The information hub would provide ways for resident to share information, explore new technology and find out about Destination City. September 2023.

After the Fair is over
Ideas about the collaborations needed to attract visitors after Bartholomew Fair ends. September 2023

A website for Cloth Fair, Bartholomew Fair and The City Courant
A new website developed in collaboration with The City Courant magazine. August 2023

Destination City: good for visitors … what about residents too?
Issues arising from discussion at the Culture, Heritage and Libraries committee, including role of the Culture Mile Business Improvement District. July 2023

Destination Square Mile needs support for wandering about
How the Footways project has developed maps to support informal exploration. July 2023

First public vision of the Square Mile as Destination City
A presentation on the £2.5 million programme shows the City competing for visitors globally with festivals and events in Sydney, New York and Manhattan, and in London with Covent Garden, Kings Cross, Battersea, Canary Wharf and Borough Market. July 2023

Policy chief commits to engaging residents in Destination City programme
Chris Hayward says that he wants residents to have some ownership of Destination City, and ideas for engagement. June 2023

Discussing what planning can do for Destination City
A workshop about the City Plan 2040 gave residents an opportunity to say what’s important for them. June 2023

City launches its destination brand and website
The City Corporation launches it new website for visitors. June 2023

Destination City: just what is it?
Discussion at Culture, Heritage and Libraries committee reflected councillors uncertainty about what Destination City is, and who is responsible for its direction. May 2023

How Bartholomew Fair might benefit City residents and visitors all year
Plans for improved wayfinding could provide a way for residents to get involved in the design of Destination City. April 2023

Corporation plans a spectacular City-wide Bartholomew Fair throughout September
Plans announced for restaging Bartholomew Fair as a City-wide spectacular. April 2023

Resident engagement with Destination City and the new BID – official advice – Connections
How City residents can engage with the programme and Business Improvement Districts. April 2023

Can Destination City also help create a Liveable City? – Connections
In 1970 the City Corporation made a film entitled “The Living City”. What is the vision now? December 2023

Revive Bartholomew Fair? Maybe it’s already happening in Culture Mile
While a Fair is good idea, there’s already much happening that could be better promoted. July 2022

Restaging Bartholomew Fair on the ground and online – Connections
Matthew Bell and David Wilcox first proposed restaging Bartholomew Fair in articles in the EC1 Echo. July 2022

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