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Bartholomew and Cloth Fair locations 2023

Finding our way around the Square Mile

Blog post October 2023
One of the challenges for the Destination City programme, aimed at attracting more visitors to the Square Mile, is helping people find their way around once they arrive.

That was particularly true during the three weeks of Bartholomew Fair in September, with 250 events scattered across the City. While there was an official map with the programme, it was produced against a tight deadline and lacked detail.

There’s now a commitment in the next phase of Destination City to improve wayfinding through street signs and other means. I hope there will be a chance to discuss that at the public meeting being held on November 7.

The blog post goes on to reference a map and information pages that I developed for Bartholomew Fair 2023. Original idea below. Blog post here

Original idea

Content below originally published on the Cloth Fair site before Bartholomew Fair, which took place in September 2023.

This is an experiment into how it might be possible to provide additional maps and information that will help visitors find their way to the Fair, and also engage with the City further during their visit. It’s just a demo to spark ideas on what might be done in 2024.

So far I’ve created a Google map with linked information sheets. These have a Streetview, location map, and links to City walks. More could be done, for example, by creating a Footways map like these, showing quiet and interesting routes, and by adding more information about locations to each map.

I initially used Dropbox Paper to create the information sheets, and then moved to this wiki. David Wilcox

Click top left for sidebar of locations. Click the square on the top right of the map or go here for a full screen view that also includes the sidebar.

Information sheets

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