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My explorations in Clerkenwell were inspired by a 2019 meeting with Mike Franks, who I had first known in the 1970s when planning correspondent for the Evening Standard. Mike developed Clerkenwell Workshops in 1975, and while working for the Silver Jubilee Celebrations Committee in 1977 I helped Mike get funding for a project that included the first Clerkenwell Discovery Trail.

Here's an article in the EC1 Echo about the meeting with Mike and the idea of Clerkenwell Commons. I developed a website about the Commons.

EC1 Echo editor Oliver Bennett offered me a column, and I started the Connections blog to complement that, with posts about the City, where I live in Smithfield, and neighbouring Clerkenwell. Here's one about the idea of Destination Clerkenwell to complement the Square Mile's Destination City programme.

After experimenting with a number of different types of maps, I developed two maps with Footways - one on historic Clerkenwell, and one specifically on Radical Clerkenwell. I have also created a set of records about Historic Clerkenwell on Layers of London.

While developing those maps I gathered articles and videos about Clerkenwell, and brought together the wide range of interesting historical articles in the Echo.

I'm currently sharing ideas with Footways for a paper map linked to a digital map and online resources, and with Mike Franks on further ways to develop the idea of Clerkenwell Commons.

On this site:

Radical Clerkenwell
An overview of Clerkenwell, and articles about Radical Clerkenwell

Clerkenwell videos
Video tours by Islington and City Guides, May Day marches, and the Russian Revolution 1917.

EC1 Echo articles
Articles about Clerkenwell history from the EC1 Echo.

Clerkenwell maps
Historical Clerkenwell including Radical Clerkenwell.

Clerkenwell blog posts
Posts on the Connections site.

Clerkenwell self-guided walks
A collection of walks by Guides and historians.

Additional resources
Links to other resources.

David Wilcox

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