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EC1 Echo articles about Clerkenwell history

The roving pub that is no more
The fascinating history of Merlin’s Cave, by Barbara Jacobson. November 2023.

Farringdon Focus
A group of designers from sustainable design and engineering firm Stantec have created a new map of Farringdon and South Clerkenwell. September 2023.

Taking a Liberty
Braggart, dueller, womaniser and pioneer of freedom – historian Mark Aston assesses the incredible career of locally born John Wilkes and asks if there are any historical parallels. September 2023.

Pomp and circumstance
Former Deputy Lieutenant of Islington Dr Charles Goodson-Wickes aims to re-active The Ring project to link heritage projects in Clerkenwell and the City's Culture Mile. By Nicola Baird September 2023.

Arnold Bennett’s Clerkenwell: Steps in time
A century on, historian Mark Aston looks at writer Arnold Bennett’s ‘dingy’ and ‘sordid’ Clerkenwell and finds that some themes have persisted. August 2023.

Bart’s Fair returns to Smithfield
After a short break of 168 years, Bartholomew Fair is returning this September. By Matthew Bell. June 2023.

Black Mary’s Hole: Clerkenwell team working to bring historic well back to life
A team led by artist-curator Gaylene Gould is on a mission to revive a fabled 17th-century healing well in Clerkenwell. By Oliver Bennett. May 2023.

Destination Clerkenwell?
Column by David Wilcox:“Last year the City Corporation launched Destination City to gain new visitors and increase footfall for its ailing visitor attractions, bars and restaurants. I live in the City, and think Clerkenwell should follow with an initiative to promote sustainable tourism”. April 2023.

Past Participants
A book about the borough of Finsbury is flying off the shelf. February 2023.

A Museum of the Streets
A new vision for using technology to tell the history of Clerkenwell and Smithfield. by David Wilcox February 2023.

The Peel Institute at 125
Celebrating the past and mapping the future of Clerkenwell. By Olu Alake, director of The Peel Institute. February 2023.

From Amwell to Australia
Hazel Phillips tells the amazing story of James Blackburn, Clerkenwell’s ‘white collar’ convict. February 2023.

EC1 and the birth of London Underground
The tube is 160 years old this year – and Farringdon can claim to be one of its birthplaces. February 2023.

Losing its chains
The Marx Memorial Library celebrates its 90th birthday this year and is reaching out to new audiences.By Oliver Bennett. February 2023.

High Street haircuts: Amwell Street
A centenary after the publication of Riceyman Steps, Arnold Bennett’s Clerkenwell-based novel, Lindsay Duguid reflects on the changes in Amwell Street and its tributaries. January 2023.

Title deeds: Clerkenwell pub names explained
Betsy Trotwood, Alice Owen, Slaughtered Lamb… Sam Cullen, co-author of a new book on London’s pub names, picks a few of Clerkenwell’s most intriguing handles. January 2023.

The Hatton Garden Heist: analogue crime in a digital age
Vivian Watson shares an extract from his recent book ‘How Did Our Garden Grow’ The History of Hatton Garden’. December 2022.

See the world’s first Christmas card in Clerkenwell
Created in 1843, the same year as Dickens first published ‘A Christmas Carol’, a case can be made for the modern idea of Christmas beginning here. By Oliver Bennett. December 2022.

Away with the pharaohs
As her bestselling book is republished, it’s time to look anew at Clerkenwell woman Amelia Edwards – the UK’s greatest populariser of ancient Egyptian culture. By Oliver Bennett. November 2022.

The company that brought London water
London wouldn’t be the metropolis it is without water. In his new book The Mercenary River, Nick Higham, details EC1’s aquatic past. October 2022.

Meet the UK’s foremost archivist of Black British lives
As Black History Month gets underway EC1 Echo’s Oliver Bennett meets Leon Robinson – the UK’s foremost archivist of Black artefacts. By Oliver Bennett October 2022.

The don of EC1
The character of Darby Sabini in Peaky Blinders has revitalised interest in Clerkenwell’s infamous interwar gangster. By Oliver Bennett and David Hyams. October 2022.

Life and fate
Russia’s war in Ukraine has a bitter personal resonance for Clerkenwell fashion designer Antoni Burakowski, of design duo Antoni & Alison. By Oliver Bennett. April 2022.

Good knight out
With a new director and fresh ideas, the Museum of the Order of St John is entering a new era. By Oliver Bennett. April 2022.

Modern Times
A friend to Mahatma Gandhi, the UK’s first Asian mayor was the force behind the Finsbury Health Centre. As a new building is named after him we look into the life of Dr Chuni Lal Katial. January 2022.

You'll never walk alone
London history enthusiast Kevin Abbey has developed self-guided walks including Farringdon to Clerkenwell and Clerkenwell to Angel Islington. They provie both descriptions of points of interest and step-by-step guidance. February 2021.

Walk of ages
A group of local residents has started a deeper “timeline” exploration into the past, present and future of the Smithfield and south Clerkenwell areas, following the artcle by Peter Bill. by David Wilcox November 2020.

Welcome to the "meet" market
In January two moulds were cast for the transformation of Smithfield Meat Market. Designs by architect Studio Egret West and Hawkins\Brown were unveiled by the City Corporation, showing how the East and West market buildings will be turned into what might be called a “meet” market, used for exhibitions and events. Then, the Museum of London lodged plans by Stanton Williams Architects for a £337 million redevelopment of the long-empty western end of the 800-year-old market. by Peter Bill. November 2020.

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